Some more: Bitcoin has come to an end of the bearish cycle

This capitulation the end of the fiasco. The End Of Bitcoin. Final sale. Indeed, the typical investor in the cryptocurrency right now is suffering huge losses. However, look at the long-term movement of price the main of a digital asset provides a more optimistic picture. Most likely, the price will rise and BTC will recover all the losses in the next couple of years.

New market cycle

Typically, Bitcoin always bounces back stronger than before. Fundamentally, it represents financial freedom from the state, intermediaries or anyone else. Even now, cryptocurrencies have sufficient popularity in countries with a weak economy.

Judging by the ten-year history of Bitcoin, its price always moves in a cycle. In the first three years of the cryptocurrency rose from 30 cents to 4.2 per dollar in 2012, one bitcoin was estimated at 13.51 USD. However, the biggest jump Aktiv made in 2013 — then he rose up to 758 dollars, bringing early investors 5507 percent of the profits.

The sharp rises have always followed a sharp fall. For example, in 2014 the price of Bitcoin fell by 58 percent to $ 320. Over the next two years, the cost of bitcoin has grown up to 13 860 dollars. In other words, what is happening in 2018 is very similar to things 2014. At the moment Bitcoin has set a new record in 2018, it fell by 59 percent and still continues to slide down.

Technical analysis

Graphics of Bitcoin say that soon you will have the opportunity to purchase cheap cryptocurrency. After falling below 5800 dollars last stop retains the line of $ 3,000.

Image source — NewsBTC

This conclusion came to the Platform, paving on the weekly chart of the asset the Fibonacci levels on the basis of the bear market in 2018. Before that, the cryptocurrency may be a little bounce in the area of $ 4,500. If rebound is strong enough, will begin a new bullish cycle.

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