Some million +Galaxy S10 suffering from some problems with LTE in their smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung officially revealed the phone +Galaxy S10 in the month of February and is already available for purchase for a while. Many people decided to get this phone to take advantage of the capabilities of the rear camera triple front camera dual benefit also of the many other capabilities it offers, but it seems that the picture is not all bright.

The site Android Police compiled a lot of complaints across the internet after it turns out that there are some new owners who complain about bad reception, and other communication problems.

Most of the complaints published on the internet revolves around signal strength on some networks such as the network Sprint in United States. And mentioned the United States, serving customers AT&T and T-Mobile are also suffering from poor reception. According to the tests suite, it is possible that the effect on the signal quality if you hold the phone differently. According to Sprint, it was stated that the problem will be solved in the next update which will be released to the phone.

Some people solve the problem by disabling the domain Band 41 and Band 25 through the list of Data Programming hidden. This may be the solution for users of Sprint, but is likely to face clients of other telecommunications companies a separate problem. There is also a problem on site and may not show the problem only in certain situations, such as when the phone is inside the protective cover or in an old building the walls thicker.


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