Some LG phones leading problems with auto focus in augmented reality

LG G7 ThinQ

Note that a more mobile device manufacturers to embed the software augmented reality in its programming. As a result, it seems to us that the technology of augmented reality to gain more popularity of virtual reality technology. Given that they don’t need to a helmet and additional, It makes it more practical. Unfortunately for some LG devices, it seems they are having some problems with augmented reality.

According to reports, it appears that some LG devices experience problems with the automatic adjustment in augmented reality on smart phones. These phones include LG G7 Series and LG V30 Series and LG V35 ThinQ, and LG V40 ThinQ. This depends on the new changes by Google company on its official website ad hoc for devices that support augmented reality platform ARCore, where the inclusion of these devices they do not support auto-focus currently.

The weird thing in this problem is that the phone LG G6 old which was released in the year 2017 listed on the that it supports auto focus, so it does not include the reason for the lack of new smartphones of the company. It also seems that LG phones streaming is also supported, which raises the question about the reason for the face of LG phones Modern most expensive for this problem.

Anyway, hopefully this problem is solved in the near future and that there will be just a mistake led to the occurrence of these problems. In the meantime, if you use any of these devices are not supported, you can still benefit from ARCore, but you will have to use manual focus this can be a bit boring.


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