Some iPhones may prohibit in the United States

Released International Trade Commission recently ruled in the Battle of Apple and Qualcomm over patents, one of them was in favor of Qualcomm and the third was with Apple TV, where he said that the iPhone had violated the patents of Qualcomm and its prohibition of the sale, but in the second case separate, she found that the patents that Qualcomm is not valid.

In the first case, said a judge of administrative law in its report that Apple violated the patents of Qualcomm which are related to the management of energy in smart devices, which improve the performance of the on/off power on the processor of the device, where the accused Qualcomm processors, Apple A10, وA11, the وA12, the violation of its patent, and, accordingly, the judge stated that it planned to recommend prevention devices for iPhone of iPhone 7 to the iPhone XS of eggs in the United States.

But this judgment is not final where it will go after that to the panel of judges, who must issue a decision by July 26, after which it must be examined by a President Donald Trump, which was welcomed by Qualcomm.

With regard to the second problem, it was decided by an administrative law Judge Thomas Pender in September that Apple had violated patents of Qualcomm that relate to the management of energy, but she didn’t violate any other patent, however, did not believe that we should ban the sale of iPhones in the United States, saying that the factors of Public Interest Legal grant issued an order to exclude limited with respect to infringing products, but in the review on Tuesday, decided that the Qualcomm patents were not valid, thanks to the “clear and convincing evidence” of Apple.

It is worth mentioning that Apple tries to Qualcomm on patents and licenses since January of 2017, so when the lifting of the Apple suit against Qualcomm for nearly a million dollars, desirous of paying less to use one of the techniques of the koala in its organs, then responded with Qualcomm suing Apple for violating its patent and sought to ban the sale of Apple’s iPhone, where the company confirmed that it would not have any smart phone including iPhone without their technology.

And the United States is not the first to recommend the Prohibition of the iPhone due to violations of intellectual property rights in the Qualcomm, in early December, the court ordered a tray of four branches for Apple in China to stop the import or sale of the iPhone due to the violation of the Patent, and later the same month, found a court in Munich that Apple violated patented Qualcomm to save power in smartphones and that we have to stop selling the iPhone in Germany.

Source: cnet

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