Some headphones Beats Apple TV got new colors to match the phones iPhone New


When Apple launched the iPhone New, usually we see learn about some of the products Beats the new. Prior to the event, which revealed the company about the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, there were rumors hinted that it might not be announcing any new headphones, and it seems that those rumors were true. Not advertising for any headphones Beats new, but has been updated modulation current by providing some new colors.

Unsurprisingly, these new colors are designed to reflect the colors of the phones iPhone New. For example, will provide wireless headphones Beats Solo 3 in gold and silver and will be priced at 300 USD they will also be available via the official site of Apple on the internet. And for those who are looking for a wired speaker, it has been also updated headphones Beats Urbeats 3 power cables and Lightning so I got the color yellow, blue, pink to fade with the appearance of the iPhone XR note that it will be available later this fall.

These are the headphones that I got on some new colors, but there are some headphones Beats which is not confirmed access on the new colors yet. For example, it seems that headphones Beats Studio 3 did not get the new colors, and the same thing applies to headphones BeatsX. It is still unclear whether you’ll get new colors or not, so you’ll just have to wait and see what will happen in the end.



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