Some details on the features of the Android Q coming from Google

Published developers XDA some of the nurses associated in the next version of the operating system Andorid Android Q, which comes balthy dark, to the side of the desktop style with some special features to protect the privacy of users.

Android Q-leak

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Up update Android Pie to all devices and smart phones running landed until now however, details features of the next version of the operating system started to spread already on the internet, where the developers of XDA for some of the nurses that comes out the next version for users.

Among the nurses referred to by the label of the feature theme Dark Android Q that are great in this version, where it is expected to support this feature of smart phones is possible with OLED, which lead to the consumption fast the battery.

Also scheduled to support this feature turned all apps to support Al dark, even with applications that don’t offer this choice, it is possible that will users is definitely in the night vision the best.

There is also a feature style desktop that will turn the young secondary in the smart phones to this pattern in use, but it is still in the experimental stage may not reach the final version of the operating system.

How come one of the most important nurses in the operating system to support protect the privacy of users in the next release, one of the nurses that I knew in the operating system iOS in the possibility of identifying the statements required in the application to determine the user’s location, or to access the private data of the user, where the user can select a permission for apps to access these data in the case of running only app.

It is expected that this feature supports users with a level of protection best prevent apps from collecting data and information in the background screen, also supports this feature to provide battery charging particularly in applications that are running in the background screen of the phone constantly which would exhaust the battery quickly such as GPS apps.

Recall that Google revealed a demo version of the system Android P in May of 2018, so expected to apply to the demo version of the Android Q at the same time of the year 2019.


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