Some details about the phone Asus killer and ad hoc for Electronic Games


After all of the Razer and Xiaomi, here is the Asus specialized in cutting and accessories, personal computers, and the known hardware manufactures and the graphic cards for video games, confirming their intention is to produce a smartphone geared for video games and that as we told you in a previous article, and for the experience of Asus in this area, it is expected that this phone be suitable for serious and strong, especially with the availability of news that indicate that the brand ROG will be a part of the device.

Rumors suggest that the phone will come with a screen 6 inches and accurately 2K of type Super Amoled, and the device in his heart chip Snapdragon latest 845, and in addition the RAM will come with a size of 8 GB, the storage capacity will be up to 128 GB with scalability.

Supposed to protect the phone camera background dual 12-megapixel, and front camera to take personal photos with a 16-megapixel, but what distinguishes the phone is its battery giant with a capacity of 5000 Milli amp. Also, will contain the device on the audio technology DTS-HD for audio experience. Finally, the price will be destined to be$.

Of course, keep these details under rumor until confirmation officially from Asus.

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