Some Chinese companies threatening to fire employees who use iPhones

iPhone XS Max

Lately, there have been many reports which confirm the fact that Apple is facing a lot of challenges in respect of the sale of smart phones, the latest in China, where it is stated that some Chinese companies apparently decided to support Huawei through assistance to their employees if they decided to buy phones Huawei instead of phones Apple.

But according to a new report released recently from the news agency Nikkei Asian Review, it seems that some Chinese companies will be more efforts to encourage the adoption of affiliate products for local brands, where it seems that some of these companies threatening to fire employees if they failed to adhere to its plans to boycott Apple products, as it will be fined to pay the equivalent of the price of the iPhone if they were caught they use this device. Moreover, some of these Chinese companies threaten you to stop bonuses that employees receive if they are caught they are using iPhones.

This is not the first in which Chinese companies support to local companies. Several years ago during a dispute with Japan on some of the land, was vandalized stores belonging to the Japanese and destroyed during the protests. Another example was when I encountered Korean companies such as Hyundai and Lotte County large-scale in all parts of China when published Seoul’s missile defense system American.

It remains to be seen whether this boycott will eventually end or not, but this contradicts with what was going on trading several years ago when I described the apple of China as one of the important markets for him, and then that Apple decided to launch iPhone in gold because this Color appeals more to Chinese scientists.

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