Some believe that the Google ” related ” to ruin browsing experience in a browser competition


It turns out lately that Microsoft is working to create a new version of the browser Microsoft Edge depends on the web engine Chromium, which is the same web engine used in Google Chrome, so this means get rid of Microsoft for the web engine EdgeHTML. It seemed like a smart idea with respect to the compatibility, but that seems to have been to force Microsoft to do this step.

According to a new report recently released from the location of The Register, it appears that there are multiple reports from people claiming that Google may deliberately distort the browsing experience on the browser of the third party such as Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge during their visit to their websites, allowing Google to brag that it has a browser the best, and in the case of Microsoft, they have been forced to adopt the engine of Chromium in the browser, or fighting in an unfair battle forever.

Let one of the posts on the site Hacker News from someone who works on the browser Microsoft Edeg that’s true, so he stated by saying : ” I have recently worked in the Microsoft team Edge, and it was one of the reasons that prompted us to talk about EdgeHTML is that Google keeps making changes to their sites to crash on other browsers, we couldn’t keep up with it. “

He added : ” For example, they added a recent section to the empty hidden on YouTube videos which causes the acceleration of hardware development, but should be now fixed this problem in Windows 10 update October Update. Before that, it was the effect of the video is better on the battery compared to Google Chrome, but in the moment that was to change things up on YouTube, they started to promote to Google Chrome on browser the Microsoft the Edge in terms of battery life while running videos “.

Has given others, such as developer Steve Troughton-Smith the credibility of these allegations through the use of examples of their own. So that the company Mozilla slammed the transfer Microsoft to engine Chromium. Since then, the company released Google’s official statement says : ” does not add the YouTube code to thwart improvements in the other browsers, we quickly fix errors during discovery. Google was the champion of the web the key since its inception and kept in working with others in the organization that aims to make the web faster, safer and more capacity and scalability for Operation. We deal regularly with companies, the developer of web browsers other the adoption of uniform standards, and the project Web Platform Tests, the project Chromium open source, and more to improve the capabilities of the browser. “

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