Some applications monitor your site thousands of times a day – how do you prevent it on Android and iPhone

Use some of the apps data on the location of the user’s geographical location more than 14 thousand times a day, according to a new investigation conducted by the New York Times.

Although each phone has ID, unique identity instead of the user name or phone number, you million location points collected from the application monitoring the movement of “high accuracy, namely within a few yards” to be “details of the movement of the user’s daily” according to the report.

Of course this app does not collect location information only when granted by user permission, which is usually linked to the function of the app. And fall, however, its location data can know its owner -not by relying on data only – but to register the addresses of the places that leaves the user to increase its storage, and any place of accommodation and work like which make it easy to do on governments.

How do you prevent or limit the access of applications to your location data geographic location?

On the iPhone you can block the access of any application to the location information always or to allow use only — go to security then Location Services in the Settings app, as you can see in pictures below.

And Android you’ll find you can see the apps that have permission to obtain your location from the Settings section of the security & location > site > permissions as you see below, or from the Settings section, and notifications > permissions.

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