Some aircraft DJI Matrice 200 fall from the sky for unknown reasons

DJI Matrice 200

There are some people who are afraid to stop their planes suddenly, and from the sky, there are some people who feel the same thing with their own UAVs. Given that some of the drone is heavy, it is clear that the occurrence on someone represents a risk that is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately for some people, it seems that their fears were realized because, according to the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, has recently issued a warning for the court to say that there are some aircraft DJI Matrice 200 drone that suddenly stop working, which lead to her fall from the sky.

Now before you go ahead and blame the pilot for not charging the drone or ignore the warnings of low energy, it seems that this problem occurs despite the fact that the battery of the drone still maintains a great deal of energy. Fortunately there haven’t been any reports of any type of injuries as a result of the fall of this UAV, although we imagine that most of this drone has been damaged after falling from such heights.

Since then, the company issued a DJI statement of the problem and explained that its engineers are looking into this problem currently. ” The DJI familiar with a few of the reports that include drone model DJI-Matrix 200 that lost power in mid flight. Air safety and product reliability are our top priorities. See our engineers thoroughly every case of clients and working to address this issue urgently. “



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