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Faced some users update to Windows 10 the last major problem and the error message causing the concerns they have, specifically with the update KB4494441, an important update for those who are running Updated October 2018, the problem here, as highlighted by the people at the site Reddit, is update install KB4494441 just start to install it show a message confirming that it has already been installed, as the update history to the presence of determine the speakers carrying the symbol KB4494441, and the last this is put Number 2 next to the code which confirms the presence of update pre-installed on the device.

Although this did not cause any problems for people as it is still the update works well, according to those who are facing the problem, it’s not surprising some confusion about what exactly is going on with the installation dual.

Didn’t want Microsoft on Reddit on these people who have raised that problem.

Reply Microsoft Update problem windows 10 last

مشكلة في تحديث windows 10 الأخيرA problem in the windows 10 update last

With respect to solving the problem you know Microsoft addressed her conversation to those who have suffered from that problem: “no action needed from your side, it may take to install the update time is longer and may require more of a process restart, but it will be installed successfully after completion of all installation steps is expected,

She added the company: “we are working to improve the experience of this update to ensure that it reflected the update history of the race correctly and precisely install the latest cumulative update, known as (LCU)”, in other words this message indicates that the Register of Windows Update inform simply for this cumulative update as one was installed with the previous update.

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