Solve the problem give browser Safari not loading pages

This topic solve the problem give browser Safari not loading pages appeared on the world of Apple.

There are many things that you can implement to improve the problem of the Safari browser troubleshooting when the browser to download Web sites or display a blank page or crashes unexpectedly on your iPhone or iPad or even computer macOS. Here is a collection of steps that we hope them to solve the problem faced by.

مشكلة تَعطّل متصفح Safari

Make sure that the site you are trying to access it works: perhaps the problem is not the device you are using, but in the site that you are trying to access. Anyway, if you have problems with your Internet connection or browser, the first thing typically you have to do is trying to access the website If you have downloaded Google well, experience the site that you are trying to access, if not open, the problem will be in your browser.

Check of the router (router) your: once again, the problem may be in your settings and not in the location that you are trying to access. The second challenge is Device router, is it working? Are other devices able to access the internet and load pages normally? If not, disconnect power from the router router for a few seconds and re-connect them again.

Turn on and off switch flight mode Airplane Mode: if the problem is limited to your device only, turn on and off switch flight mode. This would temporarily disrupt all the signals on your device, very often this method is most successful in re-Internet of the device.

Restart: the restart process for your you are betting the most feasible in solving the problems of connecting to the internet.

Erase cache, cache and site data: often the errors the spooler is responsible for problems browsing the web, especially when this problem is specific to the location of one in particular. You only need to clear the history of Safari and location data. This will remove all cookies, and data temporary storage, data website on your device.

Do that on your iPhone or iPad go to the settings app, then to Safari, and finally press the button Clear History and Website Data. The computer macOS, go to the menu bar in the Safari browser, then select Clear History.

Try a browser different: if the problem list and you can download a web page in Safari, try the Chrome browser or another browser to see if the problem is from Safari itself.

Malfunction Apps the prohibition of content and additions: in the meantime, if you have identified that the problem of the Safari browser, try to narrow its scope to the plugins or the application of the prohibition of content that you have installed on your device. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings app, then Safari, and finally made to order Blockers, and there is a malfunction each and every one of them, if any. Computer macOS, go to Safari, then to Preferences, then Extensions, and here you disable all active plugins you have, and restart the browser.

After all this episode, hope it has been to find the problem and fix. If nothing, make sure to update your operating system. Finally if that didn’t work the last option please contact technical support service for Apple TV Apple Support.

This topic solve the problem give browser Safari not loading pages appeared on the world of Apple.

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