Solutions to the new security “ESET” users connected to the internet constantly

The company launched the “ESET” the latest solutions to their security “ESET NOD32 Antivirus” and”ESET Internet Security” and”ESET Smart Security Premium” to provide the protection of a fortified multi-layered protection optimized for Internet of things and provide security reports.

And by 2025 is expected the presence of more than 75 million devices connected around the world, from smart home appliances to electronic gadgets relating to health, and this is a real threat to cyber security. With the increasing use of internet-connected devices in daily life increases the amount of personal and sensitive data that is shared, as well as the number of entry points to the network.

Said Matej critic, product manager at “ESET” “will Pirate this rise in the number of devices connected to the internet for their employers are afforded, and therefore can not ignore the step to take security measures. The added protection of the Internet of things to the group of security products home users means that our clients can be secure with their devices, devices home router that connects to it and make sure its security.”

Added The Critic: “we’ve built our products to provide feature to protect the windows of the original show users how to approach multi-layered cyber-security to be locked in a battle with the most challenging threats”.

It offers a modern version new features in addition to other improvements, and include:
• Product recommendation (referral): a new feature gives all users of “ESET” option for recommending our products to family or friends. The bonus test users – if you refer a friend one month of free protection.
• Report security: provide users with a general overview of what the solution “ESET” disclosure and the mitigation of in the background, while users ‘ computers running smoothly without any delay in the performance. Users can choose from five predefined elements based on priorities given by the user and in other features such as data protection or password management or anti-theft or parental control.
• Improved installation process: provides users up to 40% of the installation time based on the machine setting. It won’t take install products “ESET” new only a few seconds.
• Monitoring of household appliances related: now allows users to test smart devices connected to your router such as the detection of vulnerable passwords and suggest potential reforms. It also allows users to search for gaps in the region, the fragility of the firmware, known, and malware, and password the router’s weak or default, and malicious software.
• Compliance with the regulation the General Data Protection GDPR: all products are “ESET” compatible with the general rules of the protection of the data.

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