Solution Samsung the new phones mid Camera Dual

Samsung made through a press release, a new clarification on the new solution reached to make the manufacturers are able to use Dual cameras in phones are average and weak without suffering from slow completely during the design of their phones.

Are increasingly using phones for cameras dual where owns a large number of phones existing now Dual Cameras seems to be the number will be increasing this year. Dual cameras will bring a number of advantages for a camera phone very useful and at a reasonable cost. Although it apparently is not the best solution but not all companies will be able to do what Google did with phones pixel 2.

Description of Samsung mode operation dual camera in the phone that hard and the consumer situation, where depends on the coordination between the manufacturer and suppliers of sensors and software algorithms.

To make this process easier, Samsung made ISOCELL Dual, which is described by the first integrated cameras dual which includes the sensors required in addition to the software supplier. According to the company, to make it easier for Smartphone manufacturers will be providing algorithm-ready sensor 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel camera, and accurately 8 megapixel each sensor and ad hoc change in illuminations is low.

And do not yet know the specific details of how the manufacturers of smart phones that use the new technology from Samsung, or the details that pertain to the time it takes, but it could be good dramatically for Samsung where increasing demand for phones that use Dual cameras in current time.

Give the manufacturers, whether large or do not have sufficient ability to put Dual Cameras easily without suffering from problems once the purchase process is the design of the phone is certainly useful for companies and users, away from the pumped money too buy a Samsung that can take on a large share of the market for phones Android in the world.

And at the end of this month to see the reveal of the new generation of Samsung phones or phones Galaxy S9 which will be unveiled in Barcelona on February 25 during the MWC show in version 2018. Samsung said previously sure that the upcoming phones will focus on the camera where the real thrill for me so in the Declaration revealed to us that that would be about it for this month.

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