Solar probe Parker survived the first touch of humanity to the Sun

Sun probe “Parker” NASA survived the first close approach to the Sun, according to space Agency. The spacecraft officially is the only object of artificial origin, which came to our star of 25 million kilometers. Earlier this record belonged to Helios B (1976). Parker Solar Probe close to the Sun at the closest distance 5. data received and analyzed by scientists on Earth, saying that he experienced this event in the best manner.

Sun probe “Parker” is a spacecraft whose mission is to provide people with unprecedented observations of the Sun. This technology was the result of sixty years of NASA innovations that have been developing the probe for self-resolution of some problems.

Solar probe touched the Sun

Last month, the probe has established two new records: the first is the closest approximation mankind to the Sun and… speed. Solar probe Parker officially the fastest a spacecraft that is moving relative to our star. The spacecraft set a record for “closest approach” to the sun, being in the range of 40 million kilometers away.

And the fact that he had crossed the threshold of 25 million kilometers in just few weeks all the more impressive. In this approximation, the spacecraft was exposed to high temperatures and radiation exposure, which coped without problems. According to NASA, data from the spacecraft reported on the status of “a”, And this is the best of the four status signals.

All the tools of the probe continued to function and he himself makes scientific observations. However, if he faced any problems, he could handle them without human intervention, according to NASA.

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