Solar geoengineering is not such a bad idea to fight global warming

If mankind wants to avoid the worst consequences of global climate change, we need to stop using fossil fuels and switch to cleaner alternative sources of energy. Progress in this direction already, but it goes very slowly. At the same time there are groups of specialists who offer to pay attention to more high-tech solution that can help us in the fight against global warming – geoengineering.

One of the factors that if not more, then at least stimulate the growth of average temperature on the planet’s surface, is sunlight. Previously imposed the assumption that the reduction of incoming light can contribute to cooling the planet. How to do it? With the help of special sputtered in the atmosphere of aerosols.

Researchers from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of technology and Princeton University decided to find out what negative consequences may result from deliberate emission of aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and decrease global warming.

For this, the researchers developed a climate model of extreme rainfall and tropical cyclones to determine the effect of geo-engineering in various regions of the Earth. With the new model, scientists were able to determine extreme values of temperature and precipitation, the levels of freshwater availability, and increased intensity of natural disasters, in particular hurricanes. Detailed results of the study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

It turned out that the reduction in the growth of global temperatures twice through the deliberate release of aerosols will contribute to the cooling of the planet, will mitigate changes in water levels and precipitation in many places, and also compensates for more than 85 percent strengthening of disaster. The negative consequences of the use of geoengineering will be observed only at 0.5 percent of the planet, the researchers note.

According to experts, the results of their work refute the point of view according to which aerosols can significantly worsen the situation with the climate and lead to more serious consequences in the most vulnerable regions of the planet. Researchers agree that the more radical the volumes of emissions of aerosols can lead to more serious issues. But to avoid this or minimize the likelihood of negative effects will help correct calculation of permissible volumes of emissions of aerosols into the atmosphere.

As noted above, another way to avoid catastrophic consequences from climate change, lies in the immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, many scientists believe that humanity has almost no chance of avoiding a climate catastrophe caused by the increase in the average temperature of the Earth by more than 1.5 degrees. To completely stop the warming of the planet will not help even solar engineering. She really is able to reduce its negative effects, but finally the problem can be solved only in the case of a highly unlikely scenario – a complete abandonment of operation of all power plants, factories, and even cars.

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