Solar Foods begins production of artificial food from air, water and electricity

It seems that the creation of artificial food is a trend that will gain increasing momentum in the coming years. For example, recently we reported that in the United States approved the production of artificial meat. But here in Finland decided to go ahead and came up with the technology by which food can be created out of thin air. Need, however, still water and electricity, but it still sounds fantastic.

The Finnish company Solar Foods is going to start production next month and, reportedly, in the first phase they will produce about a kilogram of food a day. In what way?

Actually it’s pretty simple: ordinary water experts have used for the electrolysis reaction to produce hydrogen. At this time, special filters are separated from the air carbon dioxide and a small amount of supporting elements. Further, all the obtained components are on the power of special bacteria, which to sustain nothing more is required. Through this colony of bacteria is growing. Some of them can be picked up for subsequent synthesis, and the other part is subjected to heat treatment. The bacteria themselves are composed of 60% protein and amino acid composition similar to soybean and algae. The output is a fine powder, similar in appearance and consistency to milk.

“Our product can be used for the enrichment of proteins and amino acids in various foods, such as bread or pasta.” — said General Director of Solar Foods feed Vainikka.

The first plant has cost the company 1 million euros and located in the suburbs of Helsinki. In addition, for the first experimental Solar Foods provide 100% renewable electricity based on hydropower, the company Fortum.

Mass production and the first commercial transactions are planned for 2021. It all depends on how fast Solar Foods received approval from the European food administration (EFA).

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