Software security, a subsidiary of BlackBerry coming also for CAT and Land Rover

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Although they no longer compete aggressively in the smartphone market several years ago because of the growing competition from American companies, Korean, Chinese, they are still a company BlackBerry have a place in the field of infrastructure, communications, services and security-oriented companies. Still security systems and communications, a subsidiary of BlackBerry have the respect of major companies in all over the world, so we didn’t when we heard that the technology and Information Security for the Canadian police will see their way also to the organs of the CAT and Land Rover.

Signed company BlackBerry has recently cut a deal with Bullitt Group, a British company specializing in the manufacture of smart phones got the license to use the trademarks CAT and Land Rover, which are synonymous with durability, hardness and durability in its smart phones the solid. Since it is the design of the phones of this company to be professional tools rather than anything else, to provide programmes of Advanced Security it makes sense. The object of the outer solid must be attached to the environment of a solid internal safe-be users can rely on.

Will benefit a company BlackBerry a lot of this page because the programs and services safe own will reach users in more than 100 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America, where they are selling the organs of CAT and Land Rover. Commented Mr. Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President of BlackBerry on the partnership, saying :

” Will this new Convention to expand the BlackBerry Secure more than 100 markets in which the company Bullitt Group currently distributes its products, especially in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Customers will be able to Bullitt Group, ranging from farmers to construction workers access to the ardent air from getting products not only strong from the outside, but also strong from inside. “

Became the software department in a company BlackBerry too strong. According to the last newer company, has seen revenues this section in the first quarter of this year grew by 18 percent compared with the same period last year, reaching 189 million USD.



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