Sodom and Gomorrah? Residents of the Dead sea destroyed the meteorite

Hot explosion, which came from heaven, destroyed homes and villages to the North of the Dead sea around 3700 years ago, scientists have found. Radiocarbon Dating and the extracted minerals, which instantly crystallized at high temperatures, indicate that a massive air explosion caused by the meteorite that exploded in the atmosphere, instantly destroyed civilization in a circular plain with a width of 25 kilometers, says archaeologist Phillip Silva. This event also led to the fact that the bubbling brine of the Dead sea covered the once fertile agricultural.

Perhaps it was destroyed Sodom.

The meteorite that destroyed Jordan

Excavations at the site of modern-day Jordan showed that the Average Mountains was inhabited for 2,500 years, until a sudden collapse by the end of the bronze age did not destroy it. Field studies found 120 small settlements, which also, according to scientists, have been exposed to extreme heat and wind. About 40-65 thousand people populated the Middle of the Mountains, when there was a cosmic cataclysm.

The most convincing evidence of the destruction caused by the explosion of a meteorite at low altitude, came from the bronze age city at tall El-Hammam, which team Sylvia have unearthed over the last 13 years. Radiocarbon Dating indicates that walls made of clay bricks almost all structures suddenly disappeared about 3,700 years ago, leaving only a stone Foundation. Also the zircon crystals in the vitreous layers formed per second at extremely high temperature.

On tall El-Hammam was struck by the tiny, spherical mineral granules.

This is not the first example of the explosion of space rocks, who created havoc on Earth. The explosion of a meteorite in the sparsely populated Siberian region in 1908, the Tunguska meteorite, no one was killed, but knocked down trees on an area of 2,000 square kilometers.

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