Soda Mobile know its marketing plan in Egypt.. huge selection of products for the Internet of things in 2019

The company announced the Shiney تكنولوجيTechnology Chenyee China, royal brand soda mobile Soda Mobile, Plan marketing travel Bank to launch a large range of products the Internet of Things IoT during the next period under the slogan Quality and competitive price.

And it had soda mobile in early 2018 and the sale depends on the application platform for sale and marketing system الـB2R (from factory to retailer), and marketing policy on the idea of abolishing the agency to reduce the cost of the product and reduced pricing and direct from the factory in China to the hands of the next, through download a special application to the police on the phone the next, allowing them to communicate and purchase orders from the parent company, and with the end of the year 2018, the number of states more than 1500 stores in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria.

According to a press release, said Mohammed Murad, director of the Department of operations and business development, said: “the company Xinyi technology will increase its investment in the Egyptian market, the product range of the Internet of things, in addition to products smartphones accessories which is witnessing great demand in the Egyptian market, consumer confidence and the trader with quality accessories.”

He explained taking into account that “the products of the Internet of things will come with the highest quality at a competitive price ensures the Enjoy of its customers also after sales service through the branches of the company, ray Raya, scattered throughout the Republic.

The company’s soda mobile Soda Mobile business in 2018 launched a very special phone Soda S1 on the platform Jumia Jumia, where is the discounts on the original price up to 40%, which is entitled to a large share of the Egyptian market with the end of this year.

Added Mohammed Murad: “the sheeny technology are delighted to collaborate with a company banner to after-sales services as it is one of the largest companies in Egypt with excellent reputation in this area.”

In order to ensure the application of company policy in the interest of product quality and after-sales service the company is seeking to receive any queries or complaints to the abbreviated number (19397 ).

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