So will look smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch

Yesterday, we wrote about what new rumor is credited with the smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch’s Tizen operating system, although several times appeared information about the transition to the Samsung Wear OS.

Also here you can see all the rumors about the new product of the Korean giant, which gathered Jack. And now we finally have the opportunity to look at how the new product will look like.

This, according to the source, is Galaxy Watch (the cover photo is not them). First, the leak confirms name, and secondly, it allows you to understand that there are no revelations in terms of design can be expected. Given that Apple supposedly must finally significantly more to recycle your watch, Samsung could come up with something. On the other hand design of the Samsung is probably one of the most versatile, why change it makes no sense.

The rotating bezel will apparently continue. As for settings, I think it will be something like previous models.

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