So what stages … it begins with the application of “mobile fee” new!

Began from the day of application the decision to get the new fees on various services, including mobile services, following the approval of the Council of Representatives Final Report of the Committee on plan and budget on the draft government bill amending some provisions of Law No. 147 of 1984.

According to the law, has been the imposition of the development fee of the financial resources of the state, which includes the introduction of a fee of 50 pounds for the purchase of a mobile SIM card new, 10 pounds fee per month on the mobile bill.

So, the price of the mobile line of the new to keep the consumer at the price of 70 pounds instead of 20 pounds, as will the consumer £ 10 per month extra on the bill for his calls on the mobile phone, in addition to the value added tax (14%) and tax Table (8%).

After the start of application of the law, become the mobile services are the only services provided by private companies, not government, is the imposition of fees to implement the resources of the state, compared to the safety of consumer and other services, I’ve never been charged a fee to implement the resources of the state, other than VAT, which indicates that the mobile user moves unit pay new fees for services it obtains from the private sector, not the government.

And mobile companies to Telecom Law No. 10 of 2003, which provides for the commitment of mobile operators as determined by the ntra, compared to the burden for verifying compliance by the licensee with its obligations as well as deposits and all periodical dues, and fulfill financial sanctions and compensation, and is committed to the mobile companies need a license from the national communications, to pay fee burden, which is the amount that Licensee performance to the legal business charges and services performed.

According to the report of the Ministry of communications released in the month of April last, it has decline the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt since the beginning of the year until the end of March is estimated at 2.14 million subscribers, not the number of participants to 99.13 million subscribers compared to 101.27 million subscribers at the end of last year.

According to the state budget for the year 2017/2018, it has got the state on the towards 9 billion on telecommunications services, local and international.

And this is the first increase in mobile services provided to exporters, it has already experienced scratch cards increase in price by about 36 % The end of last September, becoming the price of a disaster is a 5 pounds 5 pounds, and the client gets a balance of $ 3.5 pounds, the price of disaster category 10 pounds 10 pounds, and the client gets a credit worth 7 pounds, and the price of disaster class 15 pounds 15 pounds, and the client gets the balance value of 10.5 pounds, the price of catastrophe category 25 pounds 25 pounds, and the client gets a balance of $ 17.50 pounds, the price of the disaster of the category of 50 pounds to 50 pounds, and the client gets a credit worth 35 pounds, and the price of the Kart class 100 pounds, 100 pounds, And the client gets a credit worth 70 pounds.

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