So successful “hacker” to penetrate the passcode iPhone.. and Apple didn’t know

The passcode is a way of securing the major smart phone now has most of its users, and even with the advent of insurance with face recognition, it remained the secret code of the phone more popular.

For system iOS used in the iPhone, you have 10 attempts to enter the code before I erased the phone data automatically as a characteristic of the Secure to the user. The track attempts to enter through what’s called network secure or Secure Enclave, to prevent manipulation of the mechanism.

This was before I discovered the “hacker” carries the name of the Hickey way to hack those that rely on the plug tool was an external keyboard of the iPhone, instead of entering the codes one by one and waiting for validation, you can synthesize all combinations of tokens in a long series of inputs without any spaces between them and send them to the phone via the tool.

And treatment phone all the numbers and to the input of the keyboard priority over the insurance system to delete the phone’s data, to the secured network attempts to input actors, but not be able to delete the phone’s data, so you can at the end of the Planning Code and unlock the phone.

Estimated time to penetrate the iPhone carries a passcode of 4 numbers that way, it is one hour per 100 try by from 3 to 5 seconds to try one. It is a successful method even with the latest systems iPhone iOS 11.3.

Apple has not announced it, maybe its confidence that its system iOS 12 law protects the property of the restriction of the USB Port to prevent the exploit to penetrate the phone which will command too much to use that way.

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