So seek Facebook to strike a new youtube

Choose a company Facebook feature to allocate a new channel for video gaming includes all the games live and recorded which can be accessed and the exercise of its cross-platform, and file video games under the five tabs are:

Live Now/live now, and Streams by Game/play according to the game, Suggested Streamers/games proposal, Recently Live/latest broadcast live, Watched by Your Friends/what he saw friends.

Will be able to the user, via this new feature, follow what is published about games of the video files on the pages of games developers who are pursuing them.

As Facebook will publish and follow events and competitions advertised by the developers and makers of games, through the channel of its new games, which bear the name of the FB.GG, and to fund and encourage content developers through its Gaming Creator Program that launched in last January, to encourage them to build their communities and increase impressions across different platforms as well as provide tools to profit from video broadcast.

And breathe Facebook this property, in YouTube, in the shadow directed for a large part of its attention to the content of the video in the recent period, which is a blow for YouTube that is on top of the video content for years.

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