Snowden: public blockchain, the main drawback of Bitcoin

Last week employees of the University of Aachen found in the Bitcoin blockchain links to child pornography. The finding may be the reason for the ban cryptocurrency in 112 countries because of links from the distribution registry can’t be deleted. In the opinion of a former employee of the national security Agency USA Edward Snowden, the public registry of Bitcoin is its main disadvantage.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin

In an interview with the chief researcher of the Coin Center, Peter van Valkenburgh Snowden said that because of this feature, the first cryptocurrency in the future will lose competitiveness.

A significant structural disadvantage [of Bitcoin], a flaw in the long term is a public registry. You have to understand that the concept of the public blockchain and the reliable trading mechanism are incompatible. It is simply impossible, so everyone would have access to all transactions, as when a large scale it will begin to falter.

As at the end of 2017, a former CIA officer called the best alternative to Bitcoin cryptocurrency zcash for. He also added that he used Monero, and advised the owners of cryptocurrency do not dwell on their digital assets.

Earlier with criticism of Bitcoin were made by the elder brother of druglord’s Pablo Escobar, Roberto. According to him, the first cryptocurrency development of the CIA, which was created to bring investors to bankruptcy. “The CIA will find that all the world knows, and will try to sell all the tokens. It will bring down the price of Bitcoin. So I create my own cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Diet (DDX)”, — he said. Your coin developer called lightweight and faster version of Bitcoin.

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