Snape recovered from the sharp decline in the market value

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Experiencing company Snap Snap, a developer of application Snapchat Snapchat, a decrease in its market value to the lowest level ever, dropping its market capitalization from $ 31 million to $ 6.5 million, and relates to a lot of concerns in the leadership of the company CEO Evan Spiegel Evan Spiegel, according to one analyst who used the report of the Wall Street Journal, where he placed Yusuf Scully Youssef Squali, chief analyst of the internet in the investment bank SunTrust Robinson Humphrey: “I lost Spiegel credibility with some in Wall Street”.

The analyst added that the loss of the company Snape will continue until 2021, and Evan Spiegel is doing this not only to make money, but to try to prove that he is right, it seems that the method of Spiegel and had helped in the escape of the users, and after that was seen to apply to the Snapchat previous to that suitable for application Facebook, but ignore the CEO’s warnings on the re-design that had not proved popular and has helped to create many users and loss of the company.

Staff current and former The method of Spiegel the individual. and Adoption his own views rather than the information provided by the executives and other team members may cause in the catastrophe of the launch of the system of Spectacles and re-design the main inquiry, it is reported that the system of the Spectacles may have led to the loss of the company up to $ 40 million.

While causing a process to re-design the main investigation, which didn’t like users signed a petition against it involving more than a million signatures, and the loss of Snape more than a billion dollars of its market value, where the pressure of the Spiegel on his team to re-design the application Snapchat, WordPress administrators executives and frequently they need more time, but he did not agree, resulting in the first decline for Snapchat at all in the number of active users, a trend which has continued since then.

Raising Spiegel feedback to users on changes in a stable manner, and the other with the analysis of Joseph Scully, saying that Spiegel does not present yourself any service through the commitment of sound in a time where the future of the company need to of anxiety.

Says Chris Wills Chris Paradysz, CEO of digital marketing PMX Agency: “Spiegel, a man with great privacy. I don’t recall a lot publicly about his company. This may be painful, so that advertisers want to hear from Ivan at the time of passing the company in transition”.

Information indicates that Spiegel had failed to inform the members of the board of directors after that encounter with Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook with a view to buying the company against the value has not been disclosed.

Refused to Ivan in mid-2016 offer from Mark Zuckerberg to buy the company, Snape, say people familiar with the initiative, which has not been disclosed previously, which declined to Ivan about to share with the council, says one person familiar with the thinking of Evan Spiegel’s there was never a formal offer to take him to the council as a whole, and he doesn’t regret declined the offer.

It has also been reported that the company Snape facing investigations by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission about whether the company has disclosed sufficient information regarding the potential threats of its work, the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI of being a separate investigation regarding how the Snape collection, use, and statistics for its users, which would again impact on the market value of the company.

The gate Arab News Technical Snape to suffer from a sharp decline in its market value

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