Snapdragon 855. Two innovations hardware flagships-2019

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More recently, the company Qualcomm in his presentation 5G Day gave a wider audience a chance to “look into the future.” And almost immediately, the Network appeared the message saying “hardware”, which may be based the most impressive flagships of 2019. Indeed, many users today would like to know what will be premium smartphones in the coming year.

A little time has passed since then, as Qualcomm introduced its first, already discussed earlier, the “7-nanometer” chip, which became the modem of the new generation. Reportedly, Qualcomm will appreciate in the future and chipset Snapdragon 855 (SDM855), which will be made in accordance with the 7-nanometer technological process. More new message has been reviewed by Peter (Peter) on the resource page with reference to the message of Ronald Quandt (Roland Quandt) to Twitter, which celebrates two important expected features have not yet been presented hardware platform:

Qualcomm’s not saying it, but its contractors — Yes. Snapdragon 855 (SDM855) is the first 7-nanometer chipset (probably it will complement modem X24)

Hardware platform Snapdragon 845, which has yet to find a use in flagship smartphones of the current year, made in accordance with the 10-nanometer technological process Low Power Plus, which is some improvement compared to the 10-nanometer technological process Low Power Early, in which were made the previous Snapdragon chipset 835, which is a hardware platform for many premium devices that debuted last year. Samsung, which is engaged in the manufacturing of the chipset, notes that productivity has increased by 10% and power consumption decreased by 15%.

According to the previously appeared on the Network rumors, the production of Snapdragon 855 — chipset flagship smartphones in 2019 — will be engaged in TSMC. Qualcomm does not disclose, who will be the manufacturer of the modem X24. It is assumed likely that the manufacturer of a new chipset and a new modem will be one and the same.

If a manufacturer of a new hardware platform for the flagship smartphone will be TSMC (this assumption to date seems the most likely), then its technical capabilities involve the reduction of energy consumption by 40% and increased productivity by 37% compared to 10-nanometer process of the company. This is a significant improvement that will greatly please fans of the most powerful devices in the flagship smartphones of 2019.

Manufactured in accordance with the 7-nanometer process new modem Snapdragon X24 able to provide the bandwidth of 2 gigabytes per second. For comparison it should be noted that achieved earlier version of the modem — X20 — bandwidth is 1.2 gigabytes per second. This is a significant increase in one of the most significant figures of modern hardware will enable more comfortable use equipped with a new modem devices with augmented and virtual reality.

You must further be noted that in Snapdragon X24 implemented another important innovation — the world’s first RF chip, which is fabricated in compliance with the 14-nanometer process.

As previously reported, the initiative of the Wireless Edge Service Qualcomm predicts that its hardware platform Snapdragon will be used in a variety of devices that are neither smartphones nor tablets, or even laptops. These chipsets may in the future become the basis of computer hardware component industrial equipment and household appliances.

The use of these chipsets for the manufacturer of the device will be sold simply because he is given access Toolkit (API and SDK), reference designs and integrated software. Moreover, Qualcomm and provides technical support of their hardware platforms, as well as long-term production guarantee. As the technologies are developing rapidly, the hardware becomes obsolete rather quickly. In this case, the support will not stop with the release of the next generation chipsets.

The main and most important advantage of Snapdragon chipsets lie in their relatively small power consumption. Although it is a compact battery stylish modern thin smartphones and it is very important that the hardware consumes less energy, but other devices may be more convenient to use because of this feature of mobile hardware platforms.

In the future the company Qualcomm chipsets used in the devices of the Internet of things. This implies that to be connected not only devices designed primarily for users to communicate, but such devices, which are used to facilitate the conduct of everyday life. In this case, it is very important that the task of installing updates for your chipset and activation functions do not become the task of the user and carried out mostly without him. And this possibility is realized in the framework of the Wireless Edge Services.

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