Snapdragon 8150. Where and when will represent the chip leaders 2019. How much better it is


Chipset that contains, among other components and the CPU is one of the most important components of any smart phone. The performance of the hardware platform depends very much. And that chipset is a smartphone belonging to the class of flagship, device, medium or budget category. A bright Android flagships are traditionally based on the premium mobile platforms Qualcomm Snapdragon. And very soon in Hawaii (island of Maui) to debut the chip will find application in the flagship smartphones of 2019.

Qualcomm has started sending invitations to their annual technology summit in Hawaii. Opening the conference dinner scheduled on 3 December 2018, announcements will begin the next day — December 4. Traditionally, the company of San Diego announces Snapdragon flagship products in the first day, notes Jordan (Yordan) on the resource page Full list of technical specifications of the new mobile platform is becoming known for following their debut day.

Snapdragon 8150 can imagine 4 December 2018 in Hawaii


It is expected that this year the presentation will be held according to tradition, this means that with the chipset Snapdragon 8150 the audience will introduce 4 Dec. The presentation will last for three days, and on 7 December of the current year will be the final technology summit party.

Additionally it is reported that during the conference I will be talking about something that is described as “the first mobile 5G”. It is expected that the chipset that will delight the audience will not be as it contain in its name a three-digit number in the format of “8xx”. Instead of three in the name of the hardware platform flagship 2019 will already be four digits.

Snapdragon 8150 specifications


In the configuration of the CPU of the premium Snapdragon chipset, which will see the light in early December, is expected a cluster of two high-performance cores, “average” cluster of two high-performance cores operating at a reduced clock frequency, and four less powerful cores designed for tasks that do not require large CPU resources and thus, saving energy in the battery of the mobile device based on the new premium chip.

Graphics processor the new mobile platform can be Adreno 640. The overall efficiency of the chipset, as it is believed to date to increase by 20%.

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