Snapdragon 8150 characteristics. One huge advantage over Snapdragon 845


Soon, at the beginning of December 2018, the public will be acquainted with the basis of the hardware the most impressive smartphones the following production season. It is believed that the new chip called Snapdragon 8150. In the network appeared the technical details concerning the main component for the upcoming release of the flagship chipset from Qualcomm — the Central processor. In Snapdragon 8150, according to new information, will be implemented an important feature of novelties from Snapdragon 845, which increases its performance.

According to recently examined information, Qualcomm will unveil its new flagship mobile chipset, the Snapdragon 8150 4 December 2018. He had previously distinguished himself in a number of benchmarks, including AnTuTu, Geekbench and ai-benchmark. Increase the overall efficiency of the new mobile platform compared to the Snapdragon 845 will be 20%. In addition, it is expected that the new chipset will support 5G networks. New, reviewed by Victor (Victor) on the resource page with reference to the Ice universe the message for the technical details Snapdragon 8150.

CPU Snapdragon 8150

According to new information in the Central processor Snapdragon 8150 find a use four less productive (and therefore more energy efficient) kernel Kryo Silver, with 128-KB second level cache (L2 cache). The maximum clock speed of cores of this cluster is about 1.8 GHz.

Also provides three core Kryo Gold, with 256-KB L2 cache. The maximum clock speed of cores of this cluster — 2,842 GHz. In addition, there is one incredibly powerful core Kryo Gold with double the amount of second level cache is 512 kilobytes and the maximum clock frequency of 2,419 GHz.

Most likely, we are talking about cores Kryo 835, customized ARM Cortex-A75 — Gold and Cortex-A55 — Silver. This conclusion is based on comparison with the Snapdragon 845.

The Snapdragon chipset 845 the amount of second level cache for kernels Gold (256 kilobytes) and Silver (128 KB) is the same. The only powerful core Gold is the most notable feature of the Central processor with the new chipset for flagship smartphones of 2019. It is unknown whether Kryo 835 or about the new design, based on ARM Cortex-A76.

There is still no certain information about what else besides the CPU, will complement Snapdragon 8150. First of all, expect that the configuration will be LTE-modem. It is not excluded that the graphics processor of the new premium mobile platform from Qualcomm will be the Adreno 640.

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