Snapdragon 8150 can not wait


A few days later the audience will see the most important detail of the flagships of 2019 — a top mobile platform Snapdragon from Qualcomm. In a Network there is a lot of alleged details on the next premium chipset. According to a new report, the debut of the Snapdragon 8150 had not expected. But upcoming smartphones most of the premium segment will still be a powerful chip from Qualcomm. As it turned out, earlier reports Snapdragon 8150 was based on the show in the benchmark designation.

It is expected that the new top-end Qualcomm chipset, the alleged specifications which has already been considered, will debut during the technology summit, the company, which will be held from 4 to 6 December 2018. For three days, much attention will be placed on 5G technologies, it is expected a lot of announcements to be made by operators, vendors of phones and laptop computers, says Vlad (Vlad), considering the news about new chipset Snapdragon, which is to find employment in the flagship smart phone of 2019, on the resource page with reference to PCMag.

Flagship chipset Qualcomm may still be called Snapdragon 855

Previously, the naming scheme of their Qualcomm chipsets was S1/S2/S3/S4, then the company moved to the current scheme — 200/400/600/700/800, but the next top-end chipset is displayed in the benchmarks as “sm8150”. This gave the basis of technical media to believe that the novelty called Snapdragon 8150. According to a new report, “sm8150” — a symbol of a new chipset, and not his name that he will be present on the market.

However, the answer to the question about the name of the chipset the publication, noting that it can call 855 Snapdragon or something completely different, if Qualcomm wants to use for their chips with support for 5G the new naming scheme.

Because instead of 4G-modem X24 will be used X50 with support for 5G, it is assumed that the name of the new chip will be the Snapdragon 5000.

Qualcomm is also working with another chip designed for PCs are running the OS Windows and its symbol is “sm8180”. But this hardware platform not be called Snapdragon 8180, noted advanced.

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