Snapchat will launch the Android app to its new design at the end of the year

سناب شات ستطلق تطبيق الأندرويد لمنصتها بتصميم جديد في نهاية العام

It looks like we finally we’ll see the Snapchat application less complicated the cooperation easier for new users with its different, said executive director for Snapchat Evan Spiegel that the company is working on the launch of Android products with a new design with the end of the year 2019 will growth of the numbers of users of the product.

The work of the company on the design of a new application for the Android system is the series old and New, where I spoke with the company about its need to produce the application improved in late 2017 when the company was rolling out to market the trading public, to the end of last year in the application of the council on a number of devices and users in the era of the pilot.

In the purpose foundation of the work of the Snapchat on the release of a new model of the Android app is rely on the fact that it will do in the reinstatement of its users to it which suffered from the lost world over the past two years will also help to attract new users from other geographical areas; the Spiegel about it being Snape seeks to take advantage of the new design brought in new users from other Asian countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines failed to attract cross-current version of the application.

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