Snapchat will launch a system of quick camera double support virtual reality

سناب شات ستطلق نظارة Spectacles بكاميرا مزدوجة تدعم الواقع الافتراضي

According to Cheddar , Snapchat is working on the launch of an updated version of the system of Spectacles supported by the camera, the double will pay the techniques of augmented reality, which will allow the user to drop the effects on the video that says recorded, in what will be the structure of the glasses is made of aluminum and priced higher than twice the first version that launched the company in 2016.

According to people close to the company according to the site, the application of Snape would be able to configure three-dimensional images using the techniques of augmented reality through the camera of double Spectacles, to see that the launch of Snapchat to a new theory comes in to promote the vision of the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel to create a system with working on the drop folders and virtual images on the ground with ease.

Will the price of Spectacles updated 350$ which is a high price compared to previous versions, especially the first version which was the price of 130$, but the difference this time is that the company will ask the injured party for your glasses, a lower number in the step can be included under the item of the precautionary action required will happen 24.000 no less than the first version where provided 800.000 pair of glasses, and the second device, updating which reached a total number of 87,000 and that maybe due to certain accounts of the company or avoid the problems that may face the company in the marketing system.

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