Snapchat will launch a platform next month’s games.

سناب شات ستطلق منصة ألعاب على تطبيقها الشهر القادم

It seems that Snapchat will raise the curtain on the gaming platform by next month, which has always been talked about in the news reports during the financial period, as indicated the location of the Cheddar trusted.

The site said that the gaming platform currently the name of the Project Cognac will be a number of games from the company itself and third-party developers later, which will be held on an ad hoc basis on the application of Snapchat as a choice Entertainment new users. Expected to reveal the company’s gaming platform in its first conference for developers in April 11 in Los Angeles.

Will snap its platform for augmented reality developers to develop games variety, and aims through this step to find a different way to improve income and profits and the police come in the long-term achievement of good financial results in spite of the achieved number special revenue in the last quarter and 390 million, but even this number and the company is still suffering from the debt.

It is worth mentioning that the company has acquired studio developing games Prettygreat in Australia last year, and it seems that the goal is to accelerate the growth of platform games providing games from the company rather than relying on third-party developers only.

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