Snapchat started showing ads for six seconds non-discrimination

If you have come across recently a declaration to the short non adjustable on snapchat, this is not due to a defect or problem in the application, where the company started already in the ads resemble TV ads for a period of six seconds, a confirmation of a previous report indicated the possibility has been raised this month.

According to AdAge, some of the first advertisements that were seen in-app ads for the movie Deadpool 2 phone Samsung Galaxy S9, and you know the ads the amount of time remaining can’t skip the AD before the expiration of the offer.

The good news here is that these ads will not appear in your friends ‘ posts, and just in the shows that are produced professionally in the section Discover through partners snapchat such as Disney, NBC and others, there is no information regarding keep snapchat ads only in the section Discover or be generalized to include stories of friends in the future.

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