Snapchat score new height in base of users up to 190 million users

The company announced the Snap on its financial report for the first quarter of 2019, which underlined the continuing growth of the user base of the company which reached 190 million daily active users until the first quarter.


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A report revealed last last buy Snap on new growth in the user base of the company, where he confirmed the report that the growth in the user base of the company is progressing at a slow rate, it steady growth also in the user base.

Has confirmed company Snap to the number of active users already daily on the app has climbed to 190 million users, of any height by 2.2% from the previous quarter which recorded the number of 186 million users.

Also, despite the slow pace in the growth of the user base of the company, except that the Snap definitely aimed to attract its user base Former, where the company has recorded during the past year the number of 191 million users, and then experienced a decline in the number of users.

Recall that the company Snap work harder to develop applications on the platform landed by the payment of ongoing updates, with the re-design and to investigate new tools, where the company has already announced today a new update for the application Snapchat, as announced by Evan Spiegel CEO of the company that the new update comes with improvements noticeable in performance.

On the other hand, the company made a Snap income up to $ 320 million, or an increase by 39% from last year, as it reached operating losses to $ 316 billion, but it is less than losses last year worth 76 million dollars.


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