Snapchat redesign the design of its recently launched

سنابشات تُعيد تصميم تصميمها الذي أطلقته مؤخراً

Think snapchat for the story mainly in its application, which makes any update to the unloved to the public significantly affects the application, such as with the design, which was launched by the company in the financial period.

Police said they began to test the new design live the stories of the friends navigation page main in the app, and it seems that it came after considerable criticism to Special of some celebrity.

It will make the main page in the app stories of friends and celebrities, and content advertising, but separately according to content.

It can be said that there are some reasons that have a role in changing the design of the new, where it can help in raising the participation rate of the users content advertising, as that of the previous design may have affected in one way or another to add new content to users of the application. But the main reason is certainly maybe because of the table clear who provoked, enraged users about a big change.

The new update is currently I have several users in order to test it, and it is expected to be released in full for the rest of the users in the coming period. (Here is a picture of the new design below)


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