Snapchat provides property pictures music animated Musical GIF on its platform

سناب شات توفر خاصية صور الموسيقى المتحركة Musical GIF على منصتها

The beginning of the open snap door for developers to leverage and integrate other applications with snapchat via Snapchat kit, have created new heights and ignited the fire of competition with Facebook and Instagram, which is a real contender for snapchat.

Today announced the photos app animated musical Tunemoji Integration Services Application snapchat, which means the ability of users to snape to send the footage to motion over the snap, when installing the application Tunemoji on their device, log in with snapchat.

Thus a user can snapchat make use of this property either by their pastor, or by being sent individually via messages for friends, and the idea of Tunemoji to add music or a voice recording to be attachable in a comic, where is the access to the image to be sent by performing a search, whether a word or all, containing the metal to be to take out the appropriate picture according to the vision of the user.

There is no doubt that this Addendum will lead a fun atmosphere for snapchat, and friends send clips GIF funny to comment on real events that happened in between them.

The snapchat feature provides photos, music, animated Musical GIF on its platform appeared first on the tech world.

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