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Browse story snapchat of the map without the app snap maps web

See the social network famous snapchat from a year ago feature snape MAB caused a furor among users of snapchat and the most spread in this matter is the fear of violation of privacy and watch what snape through the map of the sea , but you can take advantage of snape MAB significantly and get to know the culture and places you want to visit and share a story from anywhere in the world just what it is identify the place on the map snap map and especially after is new launched by snapchat today which enables you to watch snape’s map of the site .

snap maps from the web :

Snape MAB is a new technology on snapchat allows users to find friends and watch what other users in the different countries of the world with him through the work of the screen, zoom in the camera Sea will turn immediately on the map of the sea and can’t open it to run the geolocation in your phone, it works with people who want to activate it through the settings app any you can cancel activated and is not available for anyone to watch snape on the map.

Where shown on the map icon for each person with where you can put pressure on anyone to appear in his publications the last 24 hours before hiding it and pointed it out to the company that the app will not track users ‘ movement and mobility from one place to another where it is updating the geographical location only when you open the snapchat application or its connection to the internet .

And today, in February 2018 to allow snapchat the new step to support the application and users, and to increase the access set for the largest possible number from all over the world and through the possibility to browse the set and watching the snapchat stories from the Web by logging on the website of the snap map, which you can choose any place in the world to tighten the set where they are deployed .

How to see snapchat stories of the web?

Now, after the new feature which enabled her company snapchat is not just for users of snapchat, but to anyone in the world owns the internet where you can become anyone in the world to watch the story sea without download snapchat application on your phone and without the set up snapchat account just following some steps you will be able to watch any video or image has been posted on the sea from anywhere in the world in the last 24 hours ago :

  • Log in on the website of the snap maps through this link : snap maps
  • You’ll see a message suggesting to enter on a map of the sea and watch the set from anywhere in the world .
فتح سناب ماب من الويب
Open the snape map of the site
  • Then enter on the search box and type the name of any country or city anywhere in the world you will appear on the screen and with a select Set of published click on any image to tighten the set .
snap maps web
snap maps web


مشاهدة سنابات سناب ماب من الويب
Watch snape snape MAB from the web

And I explained snapchat to published content will be subject to controlled usual with the understanding that the set that will appear in the map are those that put their owners in the list of your story, so that you do not wish to publish your story on the map to make sure you don’t put your stories in the box of our story and choose your story only this time you find it in the last update of the application snapchat 2018

Download the snapchat update

Or you can cancel the feature of snap map from your phone or can control the people who can see their sent and the geographical location of the user can also choose to put Guest Mode which can hide the rhythm of activation of the geographical location and that no person can know the geographic location on the map at any time even when you open the app .


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