Snapchat lets share feature see outside of the app

Snapchat is still trying to get the extra nurses and the development of the app to restore as much as possible of the users and attract attention , and try to increase the time spent by each user within the application snapchat , where it recently announced the site of snapchat for social interaction that he intends to launch a new feature that allows app users to share publications with friends and family members not elected to the application.

Snap allows users to share stories outside of snapchat

Said snapchat it’s in the next few weeks will be improved and re-designed for compatibility with and the quality of the new feature that will attract a lot of users about the services and features of snapchat where I can users post snapchat stories of their own in any application or social network , where it will be added to the new share option the title of the story in the Discover section.

And from here users will be able to share a link to the story with text or emails outside of the application snapchat you can snapchat users and those who do not have accounts on the mobile app view photos and videos with ease on any platform .

They will be able to users of the sea watch the official publications or personal or publications, search across the link will be available on the website of snapchat.

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Watch snapchat stories outside of the app

And we all know what tends to the application of snapchat from the rest of social media is to its own messages in conversations disappear as soon as you open it and read it, but the company said that the private letters and publications of the research will be available on the website of snapchat for 30 days and publications to the public as usual disappear after 24 hours of publication

How can you share a link to the story off snapchat?

Explain to the company the option to share stories snapchat shows three types of publications :

The official story : is a story that is shared accounts snapchat reliable and verified , such as the media and magazines, accounts of celebrities , this story will continue to be visible and available for 24 hours on the site , and users can have access to through the option to discover the discover button in the app , and can be viewed through the long press on the title of the story will show The Stock code allotted to share stories of the sea .

Our stories : these stories remain available on the site 30 days after it disappear

Stories of the sea : it is a way to reach the public and news asked by people, and are looking for through the keywords famous, and this story, too, keep a 30 day on site and then disappear

And finally , the goal of all this is to promote the application of snapchat and try to take education a step forward for Instagram through to make snapchat easier to use and also to entice more people to participate and use the app, this means exposing non-users to the content of snapchat . With the introduction of stories of the sea on the site .


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