Snapchat launches Pack Snap Kit developers officially

سناب شات تطلق حزمة Snap Kit للمطورين

The company announced snapchat launched Pack Snap Kit of the Ad Hoc third-party developers to help them develop their apps, tools various that are compatible with the messaging application and take advantage of his techniques.

As we talked earlier about this package before the launch, they will provide developers various tools to allow them by making the users they log in via their apps using an account that snape without the need to create a new account, which is similar to what you do Facebook with some applications, but the difference lies in that snape doesn’t require all data users so it is what elevates the level of privacy for users of applications.

Also that the company will be using VB Bitmoji from third-party developers to show those icons with augmented reality in different applications, in addition, they would allow developers access to the story development or use of their characteristics in their apps.

This comes after long years of rejection snapchat grant third-party developers the opportunity to work with different paraphernalia in their apps.


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