Snapchat laid off more than 20 employees due to the weak growth of users

سناب شات Snap Inc

سناب شات Snap Inc

By the company “snape” Snap Inc, owner application snapchat, on the layoffs of 22 employees in recent times due to the weak growth of the proportion of users not achieving the desired results.

A police spokesman said to Engadget that the process of demobilization took place in a large range of sections, that as the implementation teams work mainly, denying the report published by the website The Information, which stated that most of the laid-off employees were from the Department of content creation.

And snape recently put her foot in the content business through the signing of agreements with agencies such as NBC or CNN to create special programs to know on snapchat, but that the recent -CNN – decided to withdraw with the end of 2017 due to poor financial returns.

And across a lot of users also didn’t like the design of the new application snapchat, which puts the company at a loss, especially after its problems in the hardware failure of the system of Spectacles which had hoped to be demand for them is high.

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