Snapchat introduces the second generation of the system by the Spectacles

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Ask the company snape responsible for the messaging application video snapchat the second generation of the system by the solar Spectacles in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France, to be put up in 13 other European country on May 3 next, at a cost of up to US $ 150, an increase of $ 20 compared to the cost of the old version, where they are currently available through the application snapchat and the website only, not through Amazon or the stores, pop-up or your house SnapBots.

Police have identified the highlights of the sunglasses new ability to capture sound and not the video only, the lack of the yellow ring alerting people to the camera, and its ability to work underwater, and availability of after the color classy with the lens lighter, and the possibility of installing the lens prescription in cooperation with a service Lens Lens, so that lenses provide protection from UVA and UVB rays, the processes synchronize faster, and the framework of the thinnest much, and working on shipped, which makes it a creative tool can be used on a daily basis, which is what you need company snape at the current time.

And the owners of the first version of the system control on firmware update allows them to capture the sound, which had limited functionality and did not able to the company from the sale of only 220 thousand system, including the loss of its $ 40 million, and the company noted in a blog posting: “we want to be Spectacles the simplest and easiest way to configure the memories from your point of view, we appreciate all your comments and thoughtful, so that inspired us a lot to provide these new improvements”.

As the company indicated that the new model will be content to snapchat account at up to four times the transfer speed in the previous version of the car, so that you need to 3 seconds to transfer each video instead of 9 seconds, in addition the control is able to remember the wireless network WiFi home and transfer content automatically to your account in snapchat when you arrive home.

Are available glasses with cable and the company can charge the glasses four times in full, and the company snape to be the glasses are able to capture and transfer about 70 video clip on a single charge, and can store up to 150 videos, 3,000 pictures at a time, and the user can press the button on the upper right side of the window to start recording the HD video of 10 seconds.

While that pressing the button again leads to continue in the registry and the extension provided for up to 30 seconds, the process pressure continuously lead to capture a circular image, and also provide the specifications of the third generation of the car Double microphones New, which is to capture clearer sound and less noise, and you can add stickers and information after taking pictures or videos, export to your account in snapchat.

Snapchat introduces the second generation of the system by the Spectacles

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