Snapchat continues to recover and revenues higher than expected

The company announced (snap) Snap on Tuesday announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2019, which exceeded analysts ‘ estimates, as increased number of users of the messaging application the source of him (Snapchat), supported by new features, such as games within the app.

Said company social media: it has more than 210 million daily active users in the third quarter ended 30 September, compared with 203 million users in the third quarter. In the second quarter of 2018, the number of users 186 million users.

The company (Snape) has launched the app Snapchat in 2011 and quickly made the app a huge success worry about Facebook, it took them the users of the youth, who found in the app’s privacy not provided by Facebook, as it the visual effects based on augmented reality technology allows them to change their sex in the photo, or add filters.

After the failure of Facebook in the occasion of Snapchat by launching a similar application, decided in 2016 to clone the key features of Snapchat, a feature (the story), to adapt to all their applications, including: application, photo sharing and short video in Instagram, and my instant messaging, WhatsApp and the elderly, as well as their main application. Already succeeded Instagram in attracting users Snapchat excluded from the base of users of broadband, and now Snapchat appears to be taking recovering.

He said (Evan Spiegel) – CEO Snape in prepared statements: the growth in the business for the current year put the company “on clear path to achieve earnings (before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in the fourth quarter”.

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He told Spiegel: it’s after the launch of application Snapchat new to the Android system, the company is working to create a better user experience in their markets International, which helps in contributing to the growth of daily active users. The company has launched a revised version of its application on the system Android devices at the end of the first quarter of the current year, in order to attract users in developing markets, where Android phones have become the most prevalent.

It is believed that Snape managed to attract more users during the second quarter of 2019 through the filter of the augmented reality new, in addition to the launch of mobile games in its application by partnering with a development company of Games (Zynga) Zynga. They also announced last week that support dynamic ads that automatically create targeted ads show to interested users.

According to the report of the results, the revenue jumped to Snape – that you get from the sale of advertising on the app – about 50% to 446.2 million US dollars, as Leap’s average revenue per user by 33% to 2.12 dollars second quarter compared to last year.

Expects Snape to range fourth-quarter revenue of between $ 540 million to $ 560 million. Analysts in average are expecting revenue of $ 555.4 million.

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