Snapchat allows the possibility of browsing the Snap Map on the web

After almost a year of the launch of the feature of Snap Map, which allows users to review a lot of the story according to the geographical location announced snapchat today announced a new step will increase the spread of such a story .

As is clear in the title, Yes you can browse stories Snap Map through the website without the need to develop a snapchat, just enter the site and pick any place on the map and shared the story existing.

Snapchat says that this feature will contribute to further spread its brand where the company expects that the application becomes an integral part of find out current events and breaking news and other services such as school and Tourism and this will probably tempt more people together in the app .

Explains snapchat to published content will be subject to controlled usual with the understanding that the set that will appear in the map are those that put their owners in the list of our story, so that you don’t want to publish your story on the map to make sure you don’t put your stories in the box of our story and choose your story only .


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