Snap will work on the second version of the system in the next week

Company is trying to Snap the development of a tangible product generating a profit away from advertising and data, where he launched the first smart glasses in November of 2016, and has obtained good sales at the beginning of the all but quickly jammed a lot of units of product losses reached $ 40 million.

We talked in an earlier report on the intention to Snap in releasing the second version of the system of their own to pick up the story on their application Snapchat seem to Snap I still believe in the success of this product, as reported for Wired that Snap will work on the new version of the car in the next week.

There is no sufficient information about the difference the new version from the previous, but is expected to call Snap two copies of the upgrade improved the previous version, including improvements to the performance and the colors of the additional presence of two lenses, has the price up to$300

If it was snape going to make a success of the product already we offer it at a reasonable price, if we look to the price of the first version of this product which is sold for 129$, we find that it has not attracted a lot of work and losses of the company $ 40 million, so how will Snap more customers with an improved price multiplier.

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