SmartThings brand new Samsung network devices dedicated to the Internet of things

SmartThings علامة تجارية جديدة من سامسونج لأجهزة الشبكات المخصصة لإنترنت الأشياء

Samsung announced the new product line for internet of things and smart products under the name of SmartThings, which serves network devices central Hubs and the router to products and the Internet of things in smart homes.

These devices are used networking system people or of overlapping ” Mesh Networking” which work to transform the youth centres the Hub for devices connected to take advantage of the potential of each part in the data transfer and help the other reach, the company uses techniques company Plume in their production.

Supports Router the new company two different technologies to connect to any it devices dual-band which can be used to crouch or point of contact at the same time, comes router separately, and you can also buy it in packs of 3 different devices so that the user placed in all places of the house and take advantage of them by associating them with.

With respect to the center of the network Hub, it supports the communication techniques of various existing devices and the Internet of things can control many devices using communication protocols for wireless Zigbee or Z-Wave.

And the price of the router 120$ per appliance or can be purchased with the triple pack, will the price of the Hub for about 70$. The company said the launch of a range of products Internet of things in conjunction with it to be available for 15$ – 35$, such as: light sockets, locks the doors, sensors, thermostat, plugs heat.

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