Smartphones in 2019 much more expensive

Not so long ago at the conference Summit Snapdragon Qualcomm talked about the new processors and 5G technology, which was developed since the 1990-ies. 5G can become the beginning of a new path in the development of high technologies, developers of gadgets for smart home possibilities with 5G becomes relevant, the phrase “connected device”, which is so often said in presentations Samsung. What awaits us in 2019? Are we ready for 5G? It is not so simple.

Not so this report was published on the website information, it is available by subscription, but read the description on the website of our colleagues from androidheadlines.
The report says the increase in the cost of smartphones by 20% with the introduction of 5G. It is no secret that 5G will be widely spread in 2019, so expect an increase in the cost of smartphones in the near future.

Lately the smartphone market is seriously stagnant. Consumers not willing to buy new smartphones, and the reason for this is a serious increase in their value. If a few years ago, the flagship can be purchased for $ 650, the price today offer only one.

In this regard, a further increase in the cost of the devices can lead to further stagnation of the market, in this case, new capabilities of 5G technology will not be able to cover serious drawback in the form of higher prices on smartphones.

Of course, smartphone manufacturers may initially impose the costs of the introduction of 5G for yourself, but it is unlikely given their current situation investors will allow them to do it.

In addition, it is expected that 5G smartphones will have problems with battery life and overheating, as the new standard is more demanding, and it requires a separate antenna, which will lead to the thickening of the apparatus or reduction of the capacity of the battery.

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