Smartphones Huawei will still receive Android Q

Despite the US desire to deprive Huawei access to American technology, the Chinese company does everything that this did not affect its users. This, in particular, confirms the commitment of Huawei to begin to update their smartphones to Android Q immediately after its official release. However, as it turned out, the update will be available on several handsets of the brand, and not just for Huawei Mate Pro 20, the owners of which made to the program pre-testing.

Q Android for smartphones Huawei will release as a part of proprietary shell EMUI number 10.0. Despite the fact that the release date of the updates is kept in secret, to evaluate its appearance can now.

Q Android for Huawei

In the presented screenshots show that Huawei did not however seriously revise the appearance EMUI, obviously, focusing on its functionality. At least in its current state EMUI 10 is a little different from the actual EMUI 9.1, offering the same design and the same layout of elements of the operating system.

But Huawei have worked on EMUI and security built into the firmware a number of features designed to protect users and their privacy. For example, in a test version of the update is already available, the mechanism of the prohibition of tracking in the background. Thanks to him, the apps can get your location data only in a state of activity while while rolling a corresponding privilege for him to be blocked.

The only external change EMUI 10, which immediately catches the eye, support the night theme, which obscures not only the UI, but desktop. As a result, even the Google search bar becomes dark gray. In addition, slightly changed the interface of regular applications “Camera”, however the changes were so insignificant that they can safely be neglected.

What smartphones will get Android Huawei Q

It is expected that Huawei will update to Android Q a minimum of 10 smartphones. Their number will include not only flagship models of the current generation but also previous: Huawei P30/P30 Pro Mate 20/20 Pro Mate, Huawei P20/P20 Pro, Honor Pro 20/20, Honor 10 and others. And, in General, we can expect that the company will release the update for all devices released in the past two years. However, most likely, this process will take several months, maybe even a year.

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