Smartphone what brand do you use? (poll)

Hello, in this article we would like to know which smartphones brands used by our readers to understand the popularity of certain brands in Russia. Obvious to many that the leading position will occupy a Samsung, but all this in theory, in practice, Internet users can use other smartphones. Let us understand where the truth.

I want to begin with yourself. I am the owner of two devices: ZUK Z2 and iPhone 6. Of course, it’s time to upgrade to smartphones, but I’m still waiting for a better time to update the gadget when the market will become popular truly frameless machines without cut-outs and other disturbing elements. Meanwhile, the most attractive option that is suitable for my requirements, is OnePlus 6.

How do I see the list of the most popular brands in Russia? First place will get the Samsung, as the company is one of the market leaders. Yes, not long ago, Huawei has outsold the Samsung on the territory of Russia, but the old apparatus Koreans continue to use it, so a few years of Samsung devices on the Internet will meet most often.

Second place, in my opinion, is a Huawei. While its leading position in the Russian market is not very stable, Huawei — a rookie among the leaders, in addition, not all consumers trust the brand. The third line will get the smartphone company Xiaomi, since the brand among Russian consumers popular, Xiaomi offers good hardware at a low price, which undoubtedly attracts consumers in the emerging economies of the world. The fourth line can get Nokia, in Russia, the brand is still loved and appreciated, in addition, the company continues to produce high-quality solutions at a good price. The fifth line of smartphones LG, but here I’m not sure.

Now propose to evaluate the real statistics. Please participate in the poll below:

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